Stress Test in the Media

“The central irony of Stress Test, the new memoir by former U.S. Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, is that a guy who was accused of being a lousy communicator while in office has penned a book that is such a good read… I’ve now read four or five of these first drafts of the history of the Great Recession, and I believe Stress Test represents the biggest contribution of the bunch.”
Bill Gates

Big Think

“‘Stress Test’ focuses on Geithner’s two-and-a-half decades fighting economic crises around the world, culminating in the U.S. crisis of 2007 to 2009. But the book also grapples with tough questions about the burden of having a spouse, or a parent, in the pressure cooker of a high-powered Washington job — often absent, and even when present, not fully there.”
Washington Post


“He’s written a really good book — we might as well get that out of the way… There’s hardly a moment in Geithner’s story when the reader feels he is being anything but straightforward — a near-superhuman feat for someone who spent so much time in public life defending himself from careless and dishonest personal attacks. The decisions he made are easier to criticize than they are to improve upon. I doubt many readers will put his book down and think the man did anything but his best. On his feet he might have stammered and wavered. That in itself was always a sign he was unusually brave.”
-Michael Lewis, New York Times Book Review

CNBC: Cramer & Geithner: ‘Stress Test’ confessions

“Earlier books have described much of what happened that September, but Geithner was present for all the frantic meetings, the thousands of phone calls — and in the case of Lehman, the failure to find a buyer that could keep it alive. New problems cropped up almost weekly, if not daily. He explains each in easy-to-understand language and what the issues were that shaped the responses.”
-USA Today

Good Morning America

“An intimate take on the financial crisis… gripping… conveys in visceral terms just how precarious things were during the crisis, just how frightened many first responders were, and just what an achievement it was to avert a major depression… [Geithner] demonstrates that he can discuss economics in an accessible fashion, making the situation the country faced in 2008 and 2009 tactile, comprehensible—and harrowing—to the lay reader. Along the way, he also gives us a telling portrait of himself.”
New York Times

Squawk Box

“Sharply worded and candid memoir.”
Financial Times


Warren Buffett on CNBC

Charlie Rose

“The Paradox of Financial Crises: Aggressive government intervention will lead to a stronger financial system less dependent on the taxpayer.” Read Secretary Geithner’s op-ed in the Wall Street Journal

CBS Sunday Morning

“Throughout “Stress Test,” one gains a deep appreciation for the heart-pumping decisions made by Geithner and his colleagues from 2007 through 2012. And he makes a compelling case that overhwelming force is necessary in crisis, and that the measures taken by the Fed and two successive administrations prevented even more pain for ordinary Americans.”
Washington Post

USA Today

“Timothy Geithner’s New Book, Chart By Chart”
New York Times: The Upshot


“What Timothy Geithner Really Thinks”
New York Times Magazine cover story

Morning Joe